Precision Injection Molding
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Our manufacturing and assembly operation is available 24/7 to meet your production requirements.

Our Mission:
Mako Plastics mission is to produce the best plastic products available. Mako Plastics will strive to achieve continuous better than average growth through aggressive sales and marketing, production efficiencies, expansion and facility improvements to assure long term business goals are met.
Our Vision:
Our priorities are: QUALITY, CUSTOMER SERVICE and PRICE. Our goals are to create and maintain a customer orientated work force that consistently exceeds customer expectations by empowering and promoting personal creativity and innovation. We strive for these goals through continuous improvement within every department in our organization.
Continuous relationship building: Customer partnerships are founded on trust and shared objectives. We promise to add value to our customer relationships and conduct ourselves with integrity. We offer provable long term customer satisfaction. Please see letters of recommendations.
Our Value Statements:

1) Mako Plastics will maintain a financially sound business practices in order to
fuel high growth and maximize return to the organization.

Mako Plastics customers will enjoy the highest quality products which are
superior in value to those offered by our competitors.

Mako Plastics will enhance our customer’s satisfaction by constantly improving
the quality, timeliness, and functionality of our productions and services.

Mako Plastics will create and foster positive partnerships with its
customers and suppliers.

Mako Plastics will maintain a fulfilling and enjoyable workplace for our employees where
individual contributions are recognized and opportunities for personal growth are provided.

Customer satisfaction is the paramount purpose for all company activities.

Mako Plastics is able to quickly adjust to your timing deadlines.
our mission is to help you improve your time-to-market plans.
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